Wigs Ambre 4 and DB3 Color GVA hair

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With natural hair wig you can change your usual hair style and color at any time.

The wig is also an irreplaceable thing for people with hair loss problems and baldness.

Wig-making is a craftsmanship of a great complexity that demands a very profound skills.

Our factory is making natural hair wigs of a highest quality.

Information on Wigs:

The parietal 10cm×10cm part of this combo wig is handmade and imitates hair grow right from the scalp. We're making a universal-size wigs based on a stretch monture (wig braid cap) so the wig fits perfectly on any head.

* We make our wigs on demand in 3 weeks.

* If you need a scalp imitation, please write it down in the comments section of your order.



straight | natural wave | wave

* By default, we're shipping straight hair. If you need a “natural wave” or “wave” hair, please write down the type you want in the comments section of your order.