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    Raw cut hair — one of the most demanded products among hairdressers who are making their own keratin capsules using an adhesive technology or using the Ring Star method.

    Raw Donor Hair Cuts

    Are a perfect brushed hair locks with a thick tips. Our hair are soft, with a variety of textures: from straight to heavily curved.

    Information on Raw cut hair:

    * Hair roots are aligned perfectly; for that hair are stretched through a soft hair holder drawing mat

    * Every cut is manually washed to reveal its natural texture.

    * We're not applying any chemicals on the hair, don't manually straighten them and not covering them with silicone.

    * We guarantee that there would be no hair turned upside down.

    The most significant aspect of hair cuts is quality and the color of blonds. Buying dyed hair cuts, hairdressers often getting an awful quality of the hair witch reveals itself only after the washing. Hair became fluffy, fragile, dull and tangled. That is signs that hair was burnt during dying process.

    That usually happens when manufacturer uses coarse hair or hair originated from South and South-East Asia regions, especially from Vietnam or India. Hair from that regions are not suitable for producing blonds, because they contains a pigment that protects hair from being bleached by the sun.

    Being applied, burnt hair are looking dull, shabby and untidy. The necessity of being extensively and regularly styled and flat ironed cause intensive fragility and degradation of hair look.

    * All the hair in each pack are from the same head.

    * Our hair won't tangle.

    * The natural protective cuticle layer guarantee hair to be smooth and shine.



    straight | natural wave | wave

    * By default, we're shipping straight hair. If you need a “natural wave” or “wave” hair, please write down the type you want in the comments section of your order.