Valera Hair Dryer AcademyPro 2100





  • LONG-LIFE AC Universal Motor
  • 1875 watts
  • Ions generator with COLOUR CARE™
  • SuperFlex cable 3 m with ROTOCORD™
  • Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
  • 6 air flow/temperature settings
  • Cold air button
  • 2 professional ultra-slim concentrator nozzles: TOUCH ME cool nozzle (7.5 cm), standard nozzle (6 cm)
  • Removable metallic filter
  • Weight without cable 540 g



Motore-AC-2000h_icona (1)  Cool Touch-nozzle  Color-Care  Ionic-care

Lightweight 540 g  Super-Air-Power-3500Pa-72m3-h_icona  Ultra-slim-nozzles-ST_icona  Swiss-Made




Limited One Year Warranty & Extended Service Guarantee

For one year from the Date of Purchase your Valera Professional appliance is guarnateedto be in good working condition and free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Our One-Year Limited Warranty covers free replacement of defective parts and labor charges. In order to qualify for our One-Year Limited Warranty for service on your Valera appliance send the item for service with (i) a copy of your original receipt, (ii) all of your contact information (name, address, phone), (iii) a brief explanation of the problem, and (iv) $15.00 for shipping and handling.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Normal wear and tear, such as shorts in the power supply cord or excessive hair in the dryer.
  2. Damage due to misuse and abuse, such as wrong voltage supply, dropping or neglect in safety precautions or foreign objects inside the dryer.
  3. Tampering, such as repair or attempted repair by an unauthorized party. We disclaim any responsibility for damage caused to property or persons, including any incidental or consequential damages.


After the original One-Year Limited Warranty has expired, you may still have your Valera appliance serviced if necessary under the Valera Extended Service Guarantee. Send the item for service with (i) all of your contact information (name, address, phone), (ii) a brief explanation of the problem, and (iii) $35.00 for service, labor, shipping and handling. The product will be refurbished, reconditioned and returned within 10 business days of receipt

.FOR REPAIR the appliance should be sent postage paid with a check or money order payable to Creative Beauty Concepts and sent to:

Creative Beauty Concepts

Attn: Valera Service Dept.

8040 Ridgeway AvenueSkokie, IL 60076