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Every girl dreams about voluminous and long hair. Luckily, there is a comfortable and quick way to re-imagine your haircut and change your looks.

Did you know that the hair is the first thing people is usually paying attention to?

You don't have to wear any makeup. Actuallu, how are you dressed is doesn't matter either. That is, if only your haircut is superb, everyone will look at you with eyes full of admiration.

If you want to have a makeover and to look gorgeous, you definetely need to have a long and beautiful hair.

We're offering you probably the simplest and most efficient way of makeover. It's a tape-in hair extension.

The tape-in hair extensions is a most popular hair extension method in the US.

That's not surprising at all. You will forget that you're having extensions after a couple of days.

You don't need to spent a lot of time to apply tape-ins. It usually takes about 1-2 hours.

With our hairs you can make up to 4-6 corrections of you hairstyle.

That extension method is also popular among hairdressers, because one can change a girl's look just in 1 hour.



If you want to add extra volume to your hair, you'll need just 3 packs.

If you want to extend the hair length, then 3 to 5 packs is needed.

Note: The longer hair you use, the more volume you'll need, so the hair look dense at the tips.

“If you think it's time to change something, start with the hair” — Jennifer Aniston



straight | natural wave | wave

* By default, we're shipping straight hair. If you need a “natural wave” or “wave” hair, please write down the type you want in the comments section of your order.


Information on Type-Ins:

* 20 tapes in each pack.

* Tapes are made with a polyurethane-based glue. Them are thermally soldered for reliably.

* Polyurethane base of the tapes reinforced with a wig net.

* On the dark and medium-colored hairs tape base is the same color with the hair. That makes GVHair tape-ins discreet.

* Tapes are covered with hypoallergenic polymer adhesive. It could be easily removed with an alcohol-based hair extension remover without leaving any undesirable sticky marks, which could happen with tapes made in China.

* GVHair tapes are neat. Them doesn't lose hair on brushing. With careful use, our tape-ins would stand up to 4-6 corrections.

* You can use our hair more than a year.