Hot Fusion ambre 6 and 14 Color GVA hair

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Каждая девушка мечтает об объемных и длинных волосах. К счастью, есть удобный и быстрый способ переосмыслить свою стрижку и изменить внешний вид.

Знаете ли вы, что волосы - это первое, на что люди обычно обращают внимание?

Вам не нужно носить макияж. Собственно, как ты одет, это тоже не имеет значения. То есть, если только ваша стрижка превосходна, все будут смотреть на вас с восхищенными глазами.

Если вы хотите иметь макияж и выглядеть великолепно, вам обязательно нужно иметь длинные и красивые волосы.

Самой важной особенностью наращивания волос для горячего плавления является то, что искусственный замок можно наносить на волосы любой длины и структуры. Даже на волосах длиной до 2 см. Вы никак не почувствовали бы капсулы. Капсулы не потянут ваш скальп и практически невидимы.

С помощью этих расширений вы можете сделать любую прическу своей смелостью. Вы можете красить эти волосы любым цветом, тонировать их, скручивать или растягивать их любым способом.

У горячих плавных  волос нет противоречий для саун и турецких бани.

Горячие  волосы для фьюжн- коррекции корректируются через три месяца после применения, что значительно превышает срок службы ленточных носителей.

We're using quality infusible keratin for our capsules. Them are handmade which guarantee that every hair will stay intact.

125-150 capsules are usually used for a full extension. That equals 100 grams of hair.

If you want to have a long hair, you would need about 150-250 capsules.

Hot fusion hair extension is a most popular hair extension method in Russia.

Every capsule on a hair-lock is handmade from Italian infusible keratin on our factory in Russia. The size of the capsules is perfect for them to be  indistinguishable on the client's head.



straight | natural wave | wave

* By default, we're shipping straight hair. If you need a “natural wave” or “wave” hair, please write down the type you want in the comments section of your order.


Information on Hot Fusion:

* 25 capsules in each pack.

* On the dark and medium-colored hairs capsules base is the same color with the hair. That makes GVAHair capsules discreet.

* Extensions are made from a donor hair cuts.

* Careful manual treatment of each cut keeps all the natural qualities of the hair intact.

* The natural protective cuticle layer guarantee hair to be smooth and shine.

* The is no difference between our hair are  the client's own

* Unlike other companies, we're not applying any chemicals on the hair, don't manually straighten them and not covering them with silicone.

* Each extensions package is passing through manual washing and a quality control.

* Our hair won't tangle.

* Tapes are covered with hypoallergenic polymer adhesive. It could be easily removed with an alcohol-based hair extension remover without leaving any undesirable sticky marks, which could happen with tapes made in China.

* GVAHair capsules are neat. Them doesn't lose hair on brushing. With careful use, our capsules would stand up to 4-6 corrections.

* You can use our hair more than a year.


Information about Golden line quality:

For the Golden line we buy hair cuts and dye them. We're only make blonds from blonde hair.

We're only dying hair and not applying any chemicals to change texture or softness of the hair.

You can be sure that even after 20-30 washes your hair will keep the same texture your bought.

You can use this hair for up to one year, and even longer.

We always use the hair from one head in one package. So, the hair does not get tangled up in use.

We use only hair with their natural protective cuticle layer intact. That guarantees hair smoothness and shine.

Remy hair only.

Each cut has its own unique texture. Hair are soft, hair tips are tight, no undercoat.

The Golden line hair could be offered in any color you like. We have more than 50 types of Amber and highlights and 22 regular colors.

If you want the best quality extension hair then the Golden line is your choice.

* More than 75% of our customers choose the Golden line.


Information on our factory:

GVAhair is a hair factory with a full-cycle production. We’re doing everything ourselves without involving any contractors and brokers: from buying the “donor hair” to selling the final products to our clients. That's why we can control hair quality on every stage of production and can be absolutely sure in our product. Therefore we're offering our clients the superior quality for a reasonable price. Our factory is located in Russia.



You can choose a delivery type on order.

We're working with USPS, so you will always have a tracking number.

You'll get a message contains your order details, tracking number and the date of delivery.

You can choose the regular US delivery which takes 2-3 day or an express next-day delivery.

Over 95% of our orders are shipped in the same day. Our manager will promptly contact you if the product appears to be out of stock to discuss estimate making and delivery time and to offer you an alternative product.

* If there is no ordered hair length in stock, we usually ship the longer cut for the same price.

* Your package is secured with a USPS loss insurance.