Professional Barber Box Kit



MYOZAKI Luxury Swiss Brand of tools for Barber has just developed for fans of perfect shaving

The most advanced premium shaving Box!

Barber-Box Version II, the most advanced approach in cutting-edge technology for a perfect shave

You will find all the necessary tools to obtain a precision shave that will keep you fresh every day, with ease and comfort of use that will surprise you



The Barber Box comes with 9 Items:

  • Hair Clipper: Perfect Ergonomic, Precision & Elegance

Lithium Battery Charge 3h / Running 5h

Titanium & Ceramic Blade, 4 Position + 4 Combs

Cleaning brush

Professional motor, Cord and Cordless Operation, with ETL adapter Overcharge Protection.

  • Hair Trimmer: Mini Elegance professional

Design Giving everything, you need to shape with Maximum precision Detail or Remove unwanted hair, Giving you Handsome and confident feeling.

Professional motor, Charge 2h / Running 3h + 3 Combs

Cord and Cordless operation with ETL adapter

  • Straight Razor: Perfect Ergonomics

Changeable Blade Razor

Making more safer and Efficient for your Convenience.

  • Shaving Bowl: The perfect Classic Bowl for your soap or shaving cream preparations.

  • Vintage Safety Razor: Our Classic Chrome Double Edged safety razor was Designed to satisfy admirers, feels solid and sturdy in your hand.

The blade-gap in the closed comb head has been engineered to be especially non-aggressive and will give you a close comfortable shave.

  • Shaving Brush: With its Perfect ergonomics and is rubberized handle,

will give you an incredible Sensation.

  • Alum Block: Is a Crystal-like stone that is moistened with cold water and gently rubbed on the shaved area to act as an antiseptic and to combat shaving burns


    • Beard Comb: Effective detangled, No Static Electricity Buildup.

    The smooth finish of the wooden comb will glide through your beard much more effectively than plastic or metal.

    Wooden combs distribute the oils more evenly

    • Adapter: Will allow you to use your kit in all your trips.