Bio Extratus Strength Shampoo 11.83oz / 350ml


Promotes healthy growth bringing back shine and thickness to weak hair.

  • Bioxyl

Exclusive Bio Extratus technology. It increases the vascularity of the dermis, reduces falling wires and increases those that are growing. It also increases the density and the average length of the wires.

  • Micro-Keratin

 It has a capacity for repair and nutritive action. Activates the shine and softness of                                                                                  damaged hair.

  • Pepper

It has a stimulating and nourishing action, it acts in the strengthening of the threads.

  • pH 5.5


Promotes deep cleaning. Repairs damages that cause dryness, dullness and porosity.

All Hair Types

Dermatologically Tasted

INDICATION: All types of hair.

FUNCTION: Accelerate healthy growth by returning radiance and vitality to weakened hair.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Strong hair and extreme shine.


Apply to wet hair, massaging gently without rubbing the scalp. Rinse. Use daily.