Bio Extratus Queravit Leave In Antistatic Restorer 7.05oz / 200g


Damaged hair has open scales that cause dullness, dryness and weakness. A deep and intensive treatment will restore the hair strand structure. QUERAVIT LINE promotes immediate sealing of hair cuticles, recovering damaged hair.


  • Concentrated Keratin

Penetrates the hair fiber regenerating it from the inside out, rebuilding and strengthing the hair. Interacts with the damaged parts of the hair cuticles, restructuring the hair fiber.

  • Pro-Vitamin B5

Acts directly on the scalp and hair fibers. Helps in moisture retention, preventing split ends. Helps repair the damage caused by chemical treatments and external aggressions.

  • Pomegranate

Normalizes the sebaceous gland secretion. Provides nutrition and hydration to the hair. Detoxifies the hair fibers and makes the hair more manageable.

  • Low Molecular Weight Amino Silicone

Forms a protective film on the hair, connecting mainly to the most damaged parts.

  • pH 5.0

Contains sunscreen
Leaves hair soft, easy to comb, controls the volume and reduces frizz. Protects the hair from the harmful effects of hair dryer, sea, sun, wind and pollution.

INDICATION: Damaged hair.

FUNCTION: Rebuilding keratin and closing the cuticles, thus restoring shine and vitality to the damaged hair.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Promotes immediate sealing of hair cuticles, restoring damaged hair.

Apply to damp hair and distribute over the scalp, focusing on the ends and on the most damaged areas. Do not rinse. Comb and let it dry naturally. Can be used before brushing to protect the strands.