Bio Extratus Queravit Capillary mask Reconstructive 2.2lb / 1Kg


Damaged hair has open scales that cause dullness, dryness and weakness. A deep and intensive treatment will restore the hair strand structure. QUERAVIT LINE promotes immediate sealing of hair cuticles, recovering damaged hair.


  • Concentrated Keratin

Penetrates the hair fiber regenerating it from the inside out, rebuilding and strengthing the hair. Interacts with the damaged parts of the hair cuticles, restructuring the hair fiber.

  • Pro-Vitamin B5

Acts directly on the scalp and hair fibers. Helps in moisture retention, preventing split ends. Helps repair the damage caused by chemical treatments and external aggressions.

  • Pomegranate

Normalizes the sebaceous gland secretion. Provides nutrition and hydration to the hair. Detoxifies the hair fibers and makes the hair more manageable.

  • Low Molecular Weight Amino Silicone

Forms a protective film on the hair, connecting mainly to the most damaged parts.

  • pH 4.0

Recovers moisture, reconditions and deeply nourishes the hair.

INDICATION: Damaged hair.

FUNCTION: Rebuilding keratin and closing the cuticles, thus restoring shine and vitality to the damaged hair.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Promotes immediate sealing of hair cuticles, restoring damaged hair.


After washing your hair, apply the masque massaging each wisp. Let stand for 3-5 minutes. To complete your hair care program, use a moisturizing cap. Rinse.