Bio Extratus Neutral Leave In 5.29oz / 150g


BIO EXTRATUS was one of the first companies to use bone marrow in hair care products, developing a complete line with this ingredient for dry, damaged and unhealthy hair. Bone marrow protects your hair, leaving it healthier, smooth and shiny.


  • Milk Proteins

The Protein binds to the hair strands, providing great moisturizing and hydrating action.

  • pH 4.0


Contains sunscreen
Its anti-frizz formula hydrates, reduces the volume and provides natural shine.

INDICATION: All types of hair.

FUNCTION: Cleaning, moisturizing and promoting a balance of nutrients in the hair.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Makes your hair hydrated, healthy, soft and shiny.


Can be used daily on damp hair. Apply all over the hair strands, focusing on the ends and on the most dried out areas. Do not rinse. Comb normally.