Bio Extratus Neutral Conditioner 8.45oz / 250ml


BIO EXTRATUS was one of the first companies to use bone marrow in hair care products, developing a complete line with this ingredient for dry, damaged and unhealthy hair. Bone marrow protects your hair, leaving it healthier, smooth and shiny.


  • Milk Proteins

The Protein binds to the hair strands, providing great moisturizing and hydrating action.

  • pH 4.0


Moisturizing formula that conditions and enhances hair shine.

INDICATION: All types of hair.

FUNCTION: Cleaning, moisturizing and promoting a balance of nutrients in the hair.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Makes your hair hydrated, healthy, soft and shiny.


For daily use, should be used after shampoo. In the weekly hydration, apply after using the deep hydration cream, through a gentle massage. To increase the absorption of the active components, let stand for a few minutes. Rinse.