Avalanche SOS Treatment 2 amp + shampoo & mask 16.7oz


Sos Hair Treatment Bond Builder Advance Formula By Avalanche USA
Avalanche Is A Unique Ampulla That Solves Broken Dry And Unhealthy
Hair In First Treatment | Restores & Refresh 

We Developed An Advance Formula That Penetrates Deeply Into All Hair Types
And Restores Its Healthy And Shiny Looking. In Just Simply Applying The
Ampulla On The Hair And Waiting For 10 Minutes Your Hair Will Look Like
Never Before.
For Best Results Use With Avalanche Mask.


How To Use SOS Treatment:
SOS treatment application
Step 1: apply the shampoo (gray and blue pot) rinse and with a towel remove excess water

Step 2: Apply the ampoule in its entirety to all the hair with a concentration from alf head to ends , making sure that all the hair has received the liquid

Step 3: on top of the application of the ampoule, apply the mask (gray and red pot) on the entire hair, tie the hair and put a thermal Hat and heat for 5 minutes (can be with Hair dryer)

Step 4: rinse abundantly making sure to remove all excess product so that the hair is not heavy
Dry and comb