Bio Extratus Marrow Shampoo 8.45oz / 250ml


BIO EXTRATUS was one of the first companies to use bone marrow in hair care products, developing a complete line with this ingredient for dry, damaged and unhealthy hair. Bone marrow protects your hair, leaving it healthier, smooth and shiny.

  • Bone Marrow

Rich in proteins, deeply nourishes and strengthens hair. Forms a film on the strands, moiaturizing and protecting them from external aggressions.

  • Ceramides

Restores hair damaged by stressful conditioner, increase brightmess, elasticity and resistance of hair strands.

  • Shea Butter

Prevents hair dryness. Protects the hair from mechanical and climatic aggressions, including ultraviolet rays.

  • Silicone

Gives shine, protection and softness, providing a healthy, natural look to the hair.

  • Cationic Vegetal Keratin

Great power of repair.

  • pH 5.5


Promotes soft cleaning, nourishes and strengthens dry and dried out hair.


INDICATION: Dried hair.

FUNCTION: Cleaning smoothly, delivering intense nourishment and hydration.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Protects the hair, making them more healthy, soft and shiny.

Apply to wet hair, massaging gently without rubbing the scalp. Rinse. Use daily.